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Mentoring for Photographers

Sleepy Willow Photography offers Newborn Mentoring Programs for photographers looking to grow their newborn photography knowledge, experience and educational base.  One of the most humbling things you can acknowledge as a photographer is that you are NEVER done learning.  There is always something new to master, a technique to perfect or post-processing knowledge to grow.  The first step in this direction you've already taken - you're here!  Welcome! 


Mentoring sessions are booked on a limited individual basis and are restricted to photographers who operate their business greater than 100 kilometers away from Stettler, AB. Please contact for further details.


P R I C I N G :

1 : 1   M E N T O R S H I P   P R O G R A M

$1200 + GST

Non-refundable retainer of $400 due at the time of booking, remaining balance due in full ONE week prior to your mentoring session

T O P I C S   T O   B E   C O V E R E D:

+ prepping and planning for sessions

+ studio lighting

+ camera angles and composition

+ posing on beanbag & transitions

+ posing with props & transitions 

+ newborn safety & soothing

+  overall session flow

+ post-processing

M E N T E E   M U S T   H A V E  

K N O W L E D G E   O F   T H E

F O L L O W I N G   T O P I C S :

+ shooting in manual mode

+ white balance

+ basic operating of Lightroom and Photoshop

Addi+ional Features

+ lunch and beverages included

+ personal invitation to private Facebook group for future learning, constructive criticism on images, advice, help, and to connect with other mentee alumni

+ mentees are able to take unlimited images throughout the entirety of the day and utilize the images in their own portfolio

+ access to my plethora of props and to see what exactly I look for when I'm purchasing additional pieces for my studio

+ ability to purchase props for your budding studio from my overstock

+ it is recommended that you bring a notebook, in addition to your camera, lenses, and enthusiasm to learn

+ ask all the questions you like


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