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Stettler newborn photograper
Welcome, parents!

Here you will find everything you need to know about hiring a Newborn Photographer

So you're


now what?!

Once you've gotten over the bliss of finding out you're pregnant, all of a sudden reality sets in and BAM - there's ten thousand things to think about, prepare for and decide before baby arrives! And lets face it -those 40 weeks can fly by in the blink of an eye!

We know that booking a newborn photographer ranks highly on your list - otherwise you wouldn't be here!

You can rest assured that you can check this box off your list - Sleepy Willow Photography specializes in newborn photography and is based out of Stettler, AB. 

Questions or ready to book?


Sleepy Willow Photography is a Certified Newborn Photographer of APNPI -

Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International 

~ a photography association dedicated exclusively to newborn photographers ~

As a member since September 2017, Sleepy Willow Photography has successfully completed the Online Safety Course and is a Qualified Newborn Photographer within APNPI. This thorough and complex application and exam process is held in extremely high regard - to search for SWP and other qualified newborn photographers in their system please visit:

Safety is my #1 concern.

Newborns are delicate little creatures. Understanding their physiology, needs, cues and refluxes, is the basis to any session. Just as everybody is different and unique in their own way, so is a newborn baby - photographing over 85 babies has me highly in tune with their necessities and cues.


In addition, your baby will be supported in any upright or suspended pose, as well as kept under the watchful eye of a spotter or assistant. No pose is ever worth the risk of a baby's wellbeing.


Booked newborn clients receive exclusive access to the SWP Exclusive Newborn Client Prep Guide. This guide contains all the tips, tricks and helpful preparation information so you know you will have a successful session. It also outlines the entirety of the session, what to expect, timelines and food tips. This is an exclusive offer to SWP clients, click here to take you to the guide. If you haven't received the password yet, drop me a line!

With all of this in mind, here's some questions we recommend asking while you shop for your newborn photographer:

1. How many years have you been working as a newborn photographer and approximately how many babies have you handled up to this point?

2. Have you received any newborn specific posing training and with whom did you train?

3. What are the safety practices you have in place in your studio specifically geared towards the newborn client?

4. Will my newborn be supported by human hands in all upright positions as well as any poses requiring suspension?

5. Do you work with an assistant or provide spotters at your newborn sessions? If not, will you allow me to spot my baby during a session?

6. What will happen in the case of illness, your own or otherwise?

7. Are you currently up to date on the necessary vaccines needed when working with a pregnant or newborn population?

8. Can you point me towards online resources from which I can learn about safe practices when photographing newborns?

9. Are you a member of an organization or association directly servicing newborn photographers and their educational needs?

Courtesy of APNPI, Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International


Here are some other client exclusive resources  

Clients: If you haven't already been given the password to gain entry, drop me a line!

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