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Maliya's Cake Smash ›› Stettler Child Photographer

I must sound like a broken record, but honestly, I can't believe how fast time flies! I'm sure any {and every} parent can attest to this - once babies enter our lives, I swear we jump to lightyear speed. It's a cruel trick - not cool, Father Time. Not cool.

And in true fashion, here I go again: It feels like I JUST photographed this little sweetie for her newborn and sitter sessions, and here we are celebrating her 1st birthday! Our session was spent crawling around on the floor, patting on musical drums, snuggling, playing and just enjoying time together.

Oh and of course, capturing frames of this little dolly ;)

It couldn't have been any better! Because honestly, I miss these days immensely. My youngest is only a year older than miss Maliya, but it feels like it's been ages since he was this little. Funny - time seems to fly by during the present days, but yet when you look back on it, it seems so far away :(

Maliya rocked some pretty cute outfits and accessories during her session! To say the least, her momma is a true fashionista and has extremley good taste. She came to me with the idea for mermaid colours for the cake smash portion back in August and we've been planing ever since! From headbands to her cute little ruffle bottom, all items pictured here are part of my ever-growing collection of props, accessories and clothing items. Honestly, I have a bad prop addiction. But really, they say the first step is admitting it - right?!

M is definitely a blankie girl. But truth be told, I'm fairly certain she comes by it quite honestly ;) Her momma loves Tula. Like ridiculously loves Tula. And this is just one of their favourite snuggle blankies! She's definitely a crafty woman! She custom dyes these incredible blankets too. Ombre, solids, and rainbow colours are some of the ways she gets creative. The one pictured below is a Tula original.

One of my favourite things of cake smash sessions is watching a little discover, play and ultimately destroy a cake in celebration of their birthday! Seeing them taste, feel, and explore with their senses is really fun and capturing those little discoveries is so special.

Maliya didn't hold back as she dove face first into her cake​! It was pretty stinkin' cute!

And after she decided she was done with the cake it was time for a bath! And what would be a funner way to finish off her adorable cake smash than with a mini milkbath?! You may recall we did a Mommy & Me Milkbath a few months back, so naturally we had to do another one! This time, she was solo in this vintage basin. It was PERFECTION! She absolutely adored every moment of it.

Again, thank you to this beautiful sweetheart and her momma for continually allowing me to capture these milestones in their lives. I look forward to our next session together!

Amy xx

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